Current Work

I am currently developing the following projects:

Future Perfect: Time Capsules in Reagan Country 

A new video and publication developed in residence at the Grand Central Arts Center in the Spring of 2014, to be completed Spring 2015.

Moving Units

A public event series about finance and food at the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts in the Summer of 2015.

Organize Your Own

An exhibition of ephemera related to the Young Patriots Organization, to be presented in Spring 2016.


Local Control: Are We All Anarcho-Capitalists Now?

A transmedia documentary (video, radio, publication, exhibition) about the aspiration for self-sufficiency and localism, the Right and Left in the 1960s, anarchism and libertarianism, the evolution of conservatism in the US – all through the lens of the biography of Karl Hess.

Never The Same: Conversations About Art Transforming Politics & Community in Chicago & Beyond

An ongoing interview, archive, pedagogical and curatorial project organized with Rebecca Zorach. See more at


Work Samples 2011-2014

Chaos Hanky (2012, Handkerchief series)


Local Control (2013 – Ongoing, Installation, Video) – See video trailer here


Never The Same: Ongoing Archive and Oral History (2010 – Present) See (Pictured below: the Chicago Ephemera Archive organized by Never The Same, on display at Show-n-Tell at Experimental Station in November of 2010)


Home Economics (2013, Video, made with the Hull House Museum):

This Is Our Home (2011, Video)

Crisis Image Archives (2007-2012)


Suits, Charts and Abstractions (2013, part of Crisis! Crisis! photo series in the Crisis Image Archives)


For more information on the Crisis Image Archives see



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