Housing Actions (2001-2005)

Daley Village (2001)

When the city of Chicago unveiled their latest corporate-sponsored public art project ‘Suite Home Chicago’ the project was ripe for a public intervention related to income inequality and affordable housing in the city. The result was Daley Village. Read an essay explaining the project here.

CHAos (2005)

‘This is CHAos’ was a high-level public intervention and counter-PR campaign which threatened to implode the Chicago Housing Authority’s careful rebranding of its controversial public housing policies.

It was made by an anonymous group, in consultation with public housing residents and other experts, who felt that the CHA’s ‘Plan for Transformation’ was in fact an engine of displacement, corruption, and privatization of public land and services.

Listen to the short NPR radio segment about the Chicago Housing Authority’s ‘Plan for Transformation’ and the ‘This is CHAos’ intervention.

Visit the original chicagohousingauthority.net PROJECT WEBSITE HERE

Read about the campaign in the Chicago Reader‘Fighting Spin with Spin’ or in the article, ‘From CHAnge to CHAos.’


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