Mapping Lectures (2004)

Border/Hacking/Mapping/Culture Lecture Series at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2004):

I developed this series of public lectures alongside the Visiting Artist Program at SAIC and was co-conceived with Romi Crawford, Claire Pentecost, and Mary Patten. The invited lecturers included:  Emily Jacir; Mark Bradford; Brian Holmes; Matthew Coolidge of CLUI; Ellen Gallagher; and Coco Fusco. There was also a lunchtime “Lunchbox Discussion” featuring local artists working on similar themes that included “Mapping Chicago” with Temporary Services; “Confronting Division and Difference: Artistic Practice in Eastern Europe and the European Union” with Elena Jovanova and Paige Sarlin; “Landscapes and Monuments” with Deborah Stratman and Ellen Rothenberg; and “Artist as Urban Planner” with Emily Forman and Eric Triantafillou.


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