Farm Together Now (2010)

Farm Together NowFarm Together Now:

FTN is an ongoing blog and a book released in 2010.

Details on the book:

Farm Together Now: A portrait of people, places and ideas for a new food movement

By Amy Franceschini & Daniel Tucker, with a foreword by Mark Bittman; Photography by Anne Hamersky & Illustrations by Corinne Matesich; Design by Brian Scott

Published by Chronicle Books (December, 2010). Buy it here from the publisher or check indiebound for your local independent bookstore. Watch the trailer here.

About the book: We want to change the way the food system works! Farm Together Now meets with people across the country who are challenging the conventions of industrialized farming and exclusive green economies.

Picked by Michael Pollan as his favorite food book of 2010, this part-travelogue, part-oral history, part-creative exploration of food politics will introduce readers to twenty groups working in agriculture and sustainable food production in the U.S. Throughout 2009 the authors visited twenty farms from coast to coast, talking to farmers about their engagement in sustainable food production, public policy and community organizing efforts. Interviews and photo essays with each farm/garden/project illustrate the inspiring histories, unique characters and everyday struggles of life on these farms. It is through sharing diverse voices from the contemporary farm that this book will inspire and cultivate a new wave of agrarians. Half of the author’s profits will be put into a fund to encourage like-minded documentary projects. See reviews from authors Raj Patel, Rebecca Solnitt, Vandana Shiva, Sandor Katz and blogs Real Food for All, Beyond The Plate, Treehugger, Grist, Farmbrarian, Bookslut, Chicago Reader and others here.

FTN features interviews with City Slicker Farms (Oakland, CA); Freewheelin’ Farm (Santa Cruz, CA); South Central Farmers Feeding Families (Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA); Tryon Life Community Farm (Portland, OR); Native Seeds/SEARCH (Patagonia, AZ); Acequiahood of San Luis People’s Ditch/Acequia Institute (San Luis, CO);  Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger (Atlanta, GA); Mountain Gardens (Burnsville, NC); Jim Knopik (Fullerton, NE); Sandhill Farm (Northeast, MO);AquaRanch (Flanagan, IL); Angelic Organics Learning Center (Caledonia, Rockford and Chicago, IL); Joel Greeno/Family Farm Defenders (Kendall, WI); On The Fly Farms and God’s Gang (Union Pier, MI and Chicago, IL); Participation Park/Baltimore Development Cooperative (Baltimore, MD); Anarchy Apiaries (Hudson Valley, NY); Wild Hive Farm/Cafe/Bakery (Clinton Corners, NY); Nuestras Raices (Holyoke, MA); and Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm/Intervale Center (Burlington, VT).

Some promotional videos made for the Farm Together Now book I released in December 2010:

The trailer:

The  7 Principles of Food Sovereignty made with National Family Farm Coalition:


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