State of the Arts (2010)

Starting in January of 2010 I was brought on by the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts to develop a communications platform to expand and enhance their work. The UCIRA had historically been a grant-making agency for artists across the UC system and they were in the process of rethinking their organizational scope and mission.

That Spring I traveled across the state and interviewed 50 faculty, staff and graduate students to discuss the state of the arts in the context of the educational budget cuts and tuition hikes and to get their impressions about the potential for a system-wide arts publication.

The outcome of that custom-designed research and interview process was the  SOTA/State of the Arts blog, which is ongoing and maintained by the UCIRA.

I edited and produced content for SOTA for over a year before handing it over to the staff of the organization. In addition to the development of this online publication, I was involved in setting up and maintaining social-media for the organization (YouTube, Twitter and Facebook), facilitating a board retreat and internal organizational restructuring, producing a communications audit, authoring a strategic plan with input from all staff and co-directors and documenting a system-wide arts conference.

My work for the UCIRA was completed in the Summer of 2011.


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