Crisis Image Archives & Crisis! Crisis! (2012)


Crisis Image Archives

Crisis Image Archives is a research project documenting all of the visual representations of “the crisis” appearing in the last 5 years of the 300 magazines and journals archived in the Alternative Press Center. Totalling 750 images, these illustrations and photographs compose a record of the collective visual imagination of the international political and cultural left. Frequently used graphic tropes portraying bankers, fat cats, Keynes, Marx, Obama and protesters are found alongside more surprising depictions of agony, desperation, and holistic futures.

The first incarnation of this touring exhibition presented photographs and binder archives at Art In These Times gallery (Chicago, IL) from June – September (2013) and later traveled in October – December (2013) to Charlotte Street Foundation (Kansas City, MO), from November (2013) – January (2014) to PNCA’s Project Space (Portland, OR), and finally from March – June (2014) to The Compound gallery (Baltimore, MD). As part of the exhibit in Kansas City, I worked with Wendy Vong to design this zine of “Historical Excerpts” from the archives of In These Times magazine about the representation of past crises. It now permanently resides in theAlternative Press Center Library and is documented online at

Crisis! Crisis!

Crisis! Crisis! is a series of photographs and written pieces inspired by the Crisis Image Archives.


Recessionary Affects: Releasing Psychic Rage and Fear Brought about By Economic Crisis As Depicted in the Crisis Image Archives

23×35” Photograph


Download my manifesto, Recessionary Affects #2: We Failed To Understand What The Images Told Us But We Will Not Fail Again – a look back at the Crisis Image Archives, written in response to the photograph above.

Suits, Charts, and Abstractions

20×30” Photograph


Download my fable The Rancher the Fence and the Rippling Image which was written in response to the photograph Suits, Charts and Abstractions. 

Indexing Crisis since the Nixon Shock/Bretton Woods termination (1971) – including the Stockmarket Crash/NYC Fiscal/Oil Crisis (1973), Mexican Weekend/Latin American Debt (1982), Black Monday (1987), Savings and Loan Crisis (1990), Asian Financial Crisis (1997), Russian Financial Crisis (1998), Dot.Com Bubble/Argentine Debt Default (2001), Global Financial Crisis (2007), and European Debt Crisis (2010).

18×27” Photograph



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