Moore College of Art & Design

2014 – Present, Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Director in Social & Studio Practices at Moore College of Art & Design [Philadelphia, PA].

Courses Taught include the following (with quantitative evaluations here):

  • Art and the Social: Foundations in Socially-Engaged Art (Summer Intensive)
  • Communication in Context: Facilitation, Ethnography and Documentation Strategies (Online)
  • Thesis Preparation Tutorial and Graduate Tutorial (one-on-one advising)
  • Theories of Engagement (Reading Seminar and Thesis Writing)
  • Exhibitionism: Curating Art + Activism (Undergraduate liberal arts course)
  • Professional Practices: Art/Life/Work (MFA seminar)

Additional responsibilities: As founding director of a new Social and Studio Practices department, I am responsible for teaching, developing curriculum, hiring faculty, recruiting students, developing partnerships and organizing a visiting artist lecture series and summer symposium. The department has three degree programs: an MA in Social Engagement, and two MFA degrees in Community Practice and Studio Arts.

16575149448593195-studio-conversations-dec-2014-1529.fullIn my role as Graduate Program Director at Moore College of Art and Design, I am responsible for public programming. In collaboration with Paul Farber and Mural Arts Philadelphia I co-organized 3 annual events entitled In/Out Summer Symposium Socially Engaged Art See documentation of the In/Out Summer Symposium here.

Public event organizing has featured prominently into my service to the school. During the three summer intensives which I ran (before our program changed from being a low-residency program to a conventional academic schedule) this included a regular summer Wednesday night series that brought speakers into a has included international guests such as Lucia Babina, Pato Hebert, Chloë Bass, Aurelio Castro and Philadelphia-based artists/curators Ulises bookstore, Zoe Cohen, Ben Leech, Meredith Sellers, Maori Holmes, and Rob Blackson. Since Fall 2014 I have organized a public lecture series entitled Conversations@Moore which had included Rob Peagler, Terri Kapsalis, Aaron Levy, Megan Voeller, Damon Rich, Melissa Kim, Thoai Nguyen, Li Sumpter, Park Powers, Blake Bradford, Maori Holmes, Kelli Morgan, Damon Reeves, Garth Evans, Julia Klein, Jacque Liu, Paul Farber, Liz Thomas, Minerva Cuevas, Nato Thompson, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Sue Bell Yank Works Progress, Amber Art & Design, a survey of new Residency Programs in Philadelphia (with Asian Arts Initiative, Village of Arts and Humanities, The Rotunda, The Hacktory, RAIR, and a dialogue I facilitated with Janet Echelman which was subsequently published in Public Art Review. These events have served to establish Moore has a place where important conversations are taking place in the city which has assisted with recruitment and student experience. These events are archived here


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