Selected Press: 

Coverage of past projects has appeared in a wide range of outlets including several articles in Artblog, Newcity, and Timeout, as well as the Chicago Tribune, Grist, Hyperallergic, the New York Times’ Education Life, Rain Taxi, and Social Text. Profiles of Tucker have appeared in Art21, Bad At Sports. The Baffler, BenPR, The Chicago Reader, Grid Magazine, The Morning News, and Reason.

Compilations of press for specific projects can be found here: Organize Your Own, How Food Moves, Farm Together Now, People’s Atlas, Art In These Times, Visions for Chicago, Never The Same, AREA Chicago, Lastgaspism, and Crisis Image Archives.

Selected program videos are here: Gray Center for Arts & Inquiry, School of Visual Arts, Artists’ Congress at the Northwestern University Block Museum, and Moore’s SEA program. 

A complete bibliography is available on this CV.


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