Projects List

Eco-Social Salon, Site-Seeing, and Screening Series (2023) Collaboration with RAIR, Green Sun and Making Worlds

Let’s Get Free (2023) Exhibit and book about the People’s Paper Co-Op

Lastgaspism (2022) Exhibit and Book with Anthony Romero and Dan S. Wang

Care Crisis (2021) Collaboration with students and faculty at Moore College of Art & Design

Power Map: Historic Mural Activations (2020) Curatorial project for Mural Arts Philadelphia

Confronting Enemies (2020) Guest edited magazine for A Blade of Grass

YIMFY (2020) Philly artists make yard art about crisis co-curated with Emily Bunker

Future of Our Plans (2020) Guest Curating and Advising for SAIC MFA Thesis Exhibit

Strategic Universalism (2019-2022) Drawing series and book project

Art School FAQ (2019) Short video about teaching art

Why Philly? (2019) Publication for Common Field w/ Ricky Yanas and Lauren Downing

Holding Space (2019) an interview about the Philadelphia Assembled project

WROL IRL (2018) visual essay for on community justice w/ Rosten Woo

Local Control: Karl Hess in the World of Ideas (2018) Feature-length video essay

Organize Your Own (2016-2019) Traveling curatorial project

How Food Moves & Moving Units (2015-2017) Exhibition and events about food systems

Grassroots Archiving Symposium (2013)

Future Perfect: Time Capsules in Reagan Country (2015) Feature-length video essay

In/Out Summer Symposium (2015-2017) Convening at Moore College of Art & Design

Conversations@Moore (2014-Ongoing) Lecture Series at Moore College of Art & Design

Artists’ Congress (2014) Program at Northwestern University’s Block Museum

Immersive Life Practices (2014) Edited volume about art and life in Chicago

Come Together (2014) An online panel for the UBS MAP Global Art Initiative of the Guggenheim Museum

Unfurling (2013) Exhibition and event series about archiving

Grassroots Archiving Symposium (2013) Gathering of community-oriented archivists

Chicago Political Art (2013) Adult education curriculum on local art history

Make The Road (2013) Short video

Home Economics (2013) Short video promoting Hull House Museum

Chaos Hanky (2012) Screen Printed handkerchief about ideological spectrum

Crisis Image Archives (2012) Exhibition depicting visual representations of crisis

Crisis Image Archives (2012)

The Rancher, The Fence, and the Rippling Image (2012) Fable about representing crisis

This Is Our Home (2011) Short video documenting Occupy Wall Street protests

Creative Ecologies (2011) Short video interviews with ecological artists

Power: On and Off the Grid (2011) Video program sourced from Youtube

Art In These Times (2010-2014) Exhibition venue in offices of progressive magazine

Never The Same (2010-2015) Archiving and oral history project with Rebecca Zorach

Visions for Chicago (2010-2011) Public art series made with electoral yard signs

State of the Arts (2010) Blog commissioned about art in University of California

Farm Together Now (2010) Book of profiles of activist farmers

We Want More (2009) Grassroots convening of socially-engaged artists

‘We Are Here’ Maps Archive (2008-2011) Collection of artist/activist made maps

Misc. New Left Histories (2008-Now) Series of social movement history projects

Town Hall Talks (2008) Interview series with 100 socially-engaged artists with Nato Thompson

Energy Plans (2008) Public workshop on renewable energy with Futurefarmers

NAMAC (2007) Co-organizing conference on media activism and art

How We Learn (2007) Exhibition and events focused on education

Trashing the Neoliberal City (2006) Booklet documenting activist art with Emily Forman

Notes for a People’s Atlas (2006-2011) Participatory mapping project in 25 cities

Note’s for a People’s Atlas – in Granada Spain

AREA Chicago (2005-2010) Magazine and events about art, research, education and activism

CHAos (2005) Graphics intervention about public housing

Bikecartinfoshop (2004) Mobile zine library

Versionfest and iNFO-eXPO (2004) Science-fair meets art fair experimental conference

Mapping Lectures (2004) Visiting artist lectures at School of the Art Institute

Micro-Cinema (2002-2012) Public film screening curation

Retooling Dissent (2002) Short video documenting activist art

StreetRec (2001-2003) Protest graphics and video collective

Daley Village (2001) Intervention about affordable housing

God Bless Graffiti (2001-2005) Street-art and mail-art project with Josh MacPhee

Misc. Street Art (1998-2005) Documents of early public projects

Misc. Performances (1998-2013) Documents of early performance works

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