Versionfest and iNFO-eXPO (2004)

Versionfest and iNFO-eXPO (2004)

Version>04: Invisible Networks and iNfo-eXpo Networking Fair at the Chicago Cultural Center and various locations (2004). The fair included booths by 16 beaver Group, Angels of Def, Animal Factory, Antigravity Surprise, Bike cart Info shop and Open Air Public Reading Room, Champaign Urbana IL , Charles H Kerr Publishing, Chicago Gray Line, Children’s Studio Presents, Chris Wildrick, Chronozone 2, College of Complexes, Cooperative Image Group, De Player, Chicago Drag Kings, FeelTank Chicago, Films and Cities, Free Walking, Genewise, Gentrification Board Game, Grand Rapids Michigan, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Locus, Lumpen, Microrevolt, The Network of Casual Art A/V Dept., The Neighborhood Writing Alliance, Las Non Gratas Class, Pilot trans-feminist TV festival, Quimbys, Red 76 Arts group, The Stockyard Institute, Temporary Travel Office,Toyshop Collective, and We The People Media.



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