GBGC (2000-2005)

The God Bless Graffiti Coalition, Inc. was founded in 2000 in Chicago in order to combat growing national and international anti-graffiti trends. In 2002 we first published our Give Graffiti the Thumbs Up brochure (download the front and back) to help educate the public about the truth of graffiti. Tens of thousands of copies of this brochure have been distributed around the world. The success of our initial brochure has led us to expand our activities, including subway ads and our latest endeavor, graffiti bible tracts. GBGC was dissolved in 2005.

  • Dispensing with Formalities, Acme Art, Columbus OH, July 2002.
  • Public Planning, the Experimental Station, Chicago IL, August 2002
  • The Department of Space and Land Reclamation West, Balazo Gallery, San Francisco CA, October 2003
  • Spacemakers‘ at Lothringer 13, Munich. 2004.
  • The Interventionists at Mass MoCA. North Adams, MA. 2004. See documentation and the original call for participation that solicited over 300 contributions from all over the world which have now been turned into a box set distributed by Booklyn.

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