How We Learn (2007)

How We Learn (2007)

The art education organization Stockyard Institute brought me on to co-curate their Pedagogical Factory exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center in 2007. The exhibit featured work by The Center for Urban Pedagogy (New York), rum46 (Denmark), Think Tank (Philadelphia), Artlink (UK), Journal of Ordinary Thought (Chicago), Counter Cartography Collective, Josh MacPhee of Justseeds, and AREA Chicago among others.

In addition, I served as the liaison to AREA Chicago and coordinated a massive event series on behalf of AREA throughout the duration of the Pedagogical Factory exhibit. The series was called How We Learn and was conceived in coordination with the development of a publication by AREA on the same themes (see AREA #5 online). Events included How We Remember,How We (and also I) Make and Tell Stories About What We Do, How We Move, How We Grow, How We Use Abandoned Urban Space, and How We Make A Disorientation Guide To Our University, among others. The event series included presentations by Andrew Gryf Paterson, Josh MacPhee, Feel Tank Chicago, Waite White, Chicagoland Bike Mechanic Orgs, Chicago Underground Library, Mess Hall, Platypus, Free Geek, Chicagoland/Calumet Underground Railroad Efforts, Bronzeville Historical Society, Chicago Women’s Health Center, The Odyssey Project, Stephen Haymes, Meredith Haggerty, Lavie Raven, Dave Pabellon, Baltimore Development Cooperative (Scott Berzofsky, Dane Nester, and Nicholas Wisniewski), Jesse Seay, Lou Mallozzi, Christina Kubisch Daniel, Kunle/Holger Lauinger, John Dewey, Charlie Vinz, Material Exchange, Nance Klehm, Producers, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Counter Cartography Collective, and Kristen Cox  for Fire This Time Fund.

See video on the entire project by Stockyard Institute or listen to the kickoff event on WBEZ.

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