My Turn Towards Cottage Industry

Some of you may have read the article in last month’s Chicago Reader about David Meyer’s Resistance Coffee and how we are all starting this Chicago Coffee Confederation project together. The basic gist is that we all roast fair-trade coffee on our gas grills and deliver it to people using the model of Community Supported Agriculture (buy shares in a farm and get farm-fresh food delivered to your door weekly).

Well, I am getting my side of the roasting operation going right now and by next month should be roasting. Just thought I would post an update so folks knew what I was up to. Here is a letter that went out to people in my neighborhood in Chicago this morning:

Dear People,

You are getting this email because I know or have met you and you live/work relatively close to Logan Square/Humboldt Park/Wicker Park.

The Pitch:
Starting in October, I will be delivering fresh roasted coffee by bike every other week to anyone on this list who wants it.

I am currently building a coffee roaster and have a relationship with another roaster who is going to be selling me fair-trade green coffee beans in bulk. The coffee is picked by a women’s cooperative called La Fem in Nicaragua.

The coffee is roasted over a flame in a gas grill and tastes excellent – rich, full-bodied and with a slight hint of chocolate. It will be roasted in small-batches and will be handled lovingly with care (unlike the bulk roasters that cook it with hot air and blow off all the nutritious and flavorfull oils). The coffee will be called “Small Batch Coffee” and will be part of a line of small foods I will begin processing/producing over the next year under the name “Miscellaneous Treats” (next up is peanut butter!).

The cost for 1 pound is $12. The cost for 3 pounds is $30.

Please let me know A) if you want to keep getting emails every other week about coffee deliveries and B) if you have a sense of how much coffee your office/household drinks in a month, so I can aprox. budget how much I will need to buy per month (you won’t be held to this amount, its just a way to get a ball-park figure). If you know anyone else in this part of town who loves good coffee and wants to support a hard working artist/activist dude like me (more on me at in their neighborhood then tell them to hit me up and I’ll put them on my list.

Thanks for your support!
-daniel tucker (

ps. if you want to ensure you won’t get another message about this then please send an email saying “no thanks”. Also, please let me know if I got it wrong and you no longer live or work in this section of town  – cause I cannot deliver outside of this radius for practical reasons.

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