Two videos from 2009 lectures on AREA Chicago

In spring 2009 I did a talk entitled “Chicago 101” at the “City From Below” conference in Baltimore. In this talk I tried to weave in and out my experiences working on AREA Chicago with more general reflections on the place in which so much of my work has been situated: the city of Chicago. This was a bit of a rough talk due to some technical difficulties and nerves due to the newness of this particular lecture for me. But it gives a good overview.

In the spring of 2009 I traveled to Granada Spain to give a lecture at a conference called Transductores on the theme of educational experiments in urban space. I spoke about AREA Chicago as an experiment in group learning about the city. This gives a pretty good overview of AREA and is really clearly spoken since I was being live translated into spanish.

Link to the City From Below lecture (March 2009)

Link to the Transductores lecture (December 2009)

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