US Social Forum Workshops

Next week I will be participating for the 2nd time in the US Social Forum in Detroit. There are two workshops in which Robin Hewlett and I will represent AREA Chicago:

Community-Supported Publishing: Print Media Strategies for Movement Building
AK Press & friends

Friday, June 25 * 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon * Woodward Academy: 1443

For centuries, print media has been an essential part of movement building. From the hand-produced leaflets, pamphlets, and newspapers of our past to todays more widely distributed magazines and books, the ability to print and distribute information plays an integral role in developing and sustaining community structures. What are the ways in which Left and community-oriented publishers both sustain and are sustained by the movements from which they grew? We will also look at strategic ways in which collaborations between the radical print media and like-minded organizations and political projects can strengthen movements for social change.

Research for the Revolution: Radical Research Strategies for Movement Building
Fri, 06/25/2010 – 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Cobo Hall: D2-10

“Research for the Revolution: Radical Research Strategies for Movement Building” will explore research techniques to strengthen our movements, campaigns and organizations. The first half of this four-hour workshop will consist of short presentations on different approaches to research; the second half will consist of small group discussions and practical skills development. While coordinated by the Midnight Notes Collective and Team Colors Collective, numerous other organizations will be participating. Panelists will include radical theorists and scholars, community organizers, academics and public intellectuals, geographers and cartographers, research librarians, and artists. Topics include: co-research, community listening sessions, class composition, radical cartography, interventionist and radical art practices, and the importance of theory. Here the workshop incorporates both strategies as well as nuts-and-bolts skills, and offers various strategies to produce knowledge about and from our movements and the communities of which they are a part of.
With Team Colors and Midnight Notes members, Institute of Anarchist Studies, Radical Reference, Daniel Tucker and Robin Hewlett of AREA Chicago, Julie Perini, Chris Carlsson, and others.

These workshops are part of the A New World from Below block!

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