Personal Political Geography

In honor of my 10th year of living in Chicago as of this week I decided it was finally time to once and for all figure out exactly where i lived and who represents me at all levels of government. While its not the representation that is most important to me, it is a facet of being in this place I need to understand and engage with more constructively. This process was totally time-consuming but was a great education in local, regional and federal politics as well as ecologically. Here is that attempt:

Personal Political Geography (Selected Layers)

I am a Human on Earth and represent myself here; a Citizen of the United States of America (represented by president Obama) in the Bioregion (According to the EPA) Level 1: Eastern Temperate Forests, Level 2: Central USA Plaines, Level 3: Central Corn Belt Plains, Level 4: The Chicago Lake Plain; in the Forest Service 222 Eastern Broadleaf Forest ( Continental) Province; in the “Chi-Pitts” or “Greatlakes Megaregion”; in the Chicago Watershed of the Lake Michigan Basin; Resident of Illinois Represented in the Senate by Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, and at the State level by Governor Pat Quinn; in the Federal District #4 of Illinois served by US Representative Luis Gutierrez; in District #20 served by State Senator Iris Martinez; in District #39 served by State Representative Toni Berrios; in Cook County represented by President of the Board of Commissioners Toni Preckwinkle and in County District #8 by Commissioner Edwin Reyes; In the city of Chicago served by Mayor Richard M. Daley; in the “Community Area #22” of Logan Square; in the 34th precinct of the 26th Ward served by Alderman Roberto Maldonado; in Beat #1413 of the 14th District Police Station.


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