POWER: On and Off The Grid

Last month on 11/15 I collaborated with local filmmaker Deborah Stratman to program an evening of videos on the theme of POWER culled entirely from YouTube. The event was hosted by the Nightingale Theater as part of the irregular series Youtube Assembly/Homeroom Chicago which regularly features a pair of artists brought together to show videos in an intimate setting. Stratman and I decided that our interests in the theme could intersect around the desire to be on or off various kinds of power grids – ranging from electrical to political. Themes of survivalism, welfare, social democracy, solar power, humanure, libertarianism and anarchism were explored. Check out the videos below.

POWER: ON AND OFF THE GRID (see entire playlist here)

  • 1:43   Kanye
  • 1:31   Arcattack
  • 1:11   Distribution
  • 0:52   Grid Compromised
  • 0:58   Substation Model
  • 0:10   Jacob’s Ladder
  • 3:02   Tesla coil
  • 1:06   Magnetospheric Substorm
  • 1:47   Power Failure
  • 1:01 Logistics
  • 1:41    LRAD
  • 1:46    Hummingbird
  • 1:52    What is autonomy?
  • 3:22   Three Minute Locke
  • 1:21   Social Democracy
  • 0:28 Hannah
  • 3:22   Milton and the Idealist
  • 1:40  It Doesn’t
  • 2:31 Dargonaut
  • 6:51 Justice vs. Power
  • 2:27 Grace Lee Boggs
  • 2:04   Emerson
  • 4:14   Clean Livin’
  • 2:23   Life on the Mesa
  • 3:01   Energy Blues

TRT = 57:54

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