Winter Update

Since my last update a lot has happened. I was so excited to put 2012 behind me and am eager for what 2013 holds. I am thinking it will hold the finishing my MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago, the completion of a feature-length documentary, the publication of an e-book about localism, an exhibition surveying visual representations of “the crisis”, and a significant expansion of my collaborative Chicago art history project But we shall see about that, won’t we..?

News from last fall:

We Are Here - Maps Archive in the classroom
We Are Here – Maps Archive in the classroom
  • MAPPING: Last year concluded the 6 year long Notes for a People’s Atlas project and for the first time ever maps from all the cities were presented together in “Required Reading”, an exhibition at the Center for Book Arts in New York City. You can check out the catalog essay and images on the curators website

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