Summer of Crisis

recessionary-affects(Recessionary Affects: Releasing Psychic Rage and Fear Brought about By Economic Crisis As Depicted in the Crisis Image Archives, 23×35” Photograph, 2013)

Last Sunday the Crisis Image Archives opened at Art In These Times gallery in Chicago and throughout the summer will be some additional programming intended to activate and engage the exhibition (the exhibit can also be viewed anytime 9-5pm Monday through Friday):

Sunday July 14th at 2pm – at Art In These Times 2040 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60647

A Crisis Image poetry workshop with the Next Objectivists Poetry Workshop

Saturday August 24th at 2pm – at Art In These Times 2040 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60647

Crisis Image Design charrette with local graphic designer on how to visually represent crisis

Press:great review by Albert Stabler in Newcity Chicago!


Exhibition organized and designed by Daniel Tucker. Original photo series made in collaboration with Dakota Brown, Jerome Grand, and Eric Triantafillou.This project would not have been possible without the support of Chuck D’Adamo and the Alternative Press Center.

Thanks: APC staff, Elise Archias, Ivan Arenas, Nina Barnett, Joel Bleifuss, Jon Cates, Liliana Angulo Cortes, Paul Dickenson, Dan Dineen, Rachel K Dooley, Andreas Fisher, Beate Geissler, Aron Gent, Ryan Griffis, Hannah Higgens, Ryan Lugalia Hollon, Brian Holmes, ITT staff and interns, Doug Ischar, Matthew Jesse Jackson, Kevin Jennings, Kevin Jones, Miles Kampf-Lassin, Tracy Kostenbader, Lisa Lee, Vivi Lin, Scott MacFarland, Josh MacPhee, Chris Markin, Haley Martin, Gary Minnix, Ben Murray, Kevin O’Brien, Dan O’Donnell, Brendan Padraig, Mary Patten, Claire Pentecost, Dan Peterman, Heather Radke, Michael Rakowitz, Vinay Ravi, Matthias Regan, Lane Relyea, Anthony Romero, Abigail Satinsky, Daniel Sauter, Daniel Shea, Fern Silva, Graham Stephenson, Blake Stimson, Deborah Stratman, Tricia Van Eck, Rebecca Zorach

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