Misc. Performances (1998-2013)

Misc. Performances (1998-2013)

schitzocultureSince 1998 I have irregularly participated in live performance and occasional acting. Including:
  • Schizo-Culture live reading with Laurie Palmer and others (Curated by Mary Patten at Threewalls) (see video at 17:19) (2013)
  • Radical Proposal Sing-A-Long – Live at Headlands Center for the Arts (organized with Rosten Woo, 2011)
  • Community Supported Publishing live storyboard reading
  • HEAD – Actor in Dean Rank’s Film (2008)
  • Dara Greenwald’s Ideological World Wrestling Federation performance at the Smart Museum (2002)
  • Thirst – Actor in Johee Kim’s Video (2001)
  • Imagine Agents – An irregular band with Kelly Burdick, Thomas Graves and Nicholas Cox in 2000-2001
  • Barbara and Eva – A street performance band with Thomas Graves in Louisville KY in 1998

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