StreetRec: Tactical Media Collective (2001-2003)

StreetRec: Tactical Media Collective (2001-2003)
Newsweek Magazine coverage of the WEF protests (2002)

StreetRec (2001-2003) was a short-lived Chicago activist media collective focused on graphics and video production. Our main collaborative output included the graphics known as “The Heads” for use at the World Economic Forum protests in 2002 and subsequent anti-war demonstrations. This work was documented in the widely screened video Retooling Dissent.

This ad-hoc group of people continued to work together on other graphics campaigns including the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue protests in Chicago in 2003. Some of those projects included a dis-invitation to the TABD meetings that explained the significance of these events in a manner that would engage a broad audience.

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