4 Chicago Events

(1) This weekend I am hosting a yardsale benefit for my friend who is really sick and needs money to support her/her partner (Saturday from 10-2pm at 1849 N. Sawyer).

(2) On Sunday September 12th at 10am I will give a preview presentation of my almost-released/currently being printed book about activist farmers across the US at Mess Hall (http://messhall.org/).

(3) Also, October 1st is the release of the 10th issue of AREA Chicago and the last one which I will edit; Please come by the Chicago Cultural Center from 5-8pm that evening.

(4) And then finally, December 1st at 530pm is the release party for my book Farm Together Now (http://farmtogethernow.org/) at the Chicago Farmstand (across the street from the Chicago Cultural Center. Info will be posted at www.chicagofarmstand.com).

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