Misctreats “Blvd Blend”

Blvd Blend

For almost one year now I’ve been roasting coffee as a way to learn a new skill and raise a little income on the side. I have finally committed to a name and a logo for my coffee “Blvd Blend” named for the three boulevards which run through our neighborhood in Chicago. I am still unsure where all this is going, but I am at least confident that the coffee is good, my ordering and delivering systems are in place, and if I ever needed to raise some money fast – that I would be able to do so. This kind of ability to raise cash quickly helps to provide confidence and a sense of stability in precarious times. In the fall and new year I will branch into making nut butter (most likely peanut), the second product in the Misctreats family of yummy. I’m still thinking of names…maybe Naughty Nuts, Blvd Butter, or Nothing But Nut butter?

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