Upcoming Events

Dear friends,

I’ve got some upcoming public events I would love you to check out in a few different cities (LA, Chicago, Madison, New York, Baltimore). If you are around any of these places mark your calendars and drop on by.

1) Talking in Chinatown (Los Angeles) – Tuesday November 16th

I will be giving an informal talk about my work with AREA Chicago between March 2005-October 2010 in Chinatown as part of the Llano Del Rio Collective’s Speakers Bureau (http://ldrg.wordpress.com/speakers-bureau/) which will be co-sponsored by the LA Public School (http://la.thepublicschool.org/).

2) Book release events throughout December and January for Farm Together Now (more info at http://farmtogethernow.org/).

The book I just co-authored ships from the warehouse to bookstores next week and should be everywhere by the first week of December so check it out in your local independent bookstore, buy one from the publisher here or if you are in one of these cities come say hello:

3) Our new art gallery: Art In These Times! – Thursday December 9th 6-9pm Opening Reception (Chicago)

Grand opening on December 9th in Chicago (Logan Square)

My companion Lauren Cumbia and I have teamed up with the folks at In These Times magazine where we rent office space to start a gallery called Art IN THESE TIMES. Our first show is of artists from the Justseeds Artist’s Cooperative addressing natural resources. Check out the details for the 12/9 release party in Chicago here http://artinthesetimes.wordpress.com/ Come by and have a holiday enjoyment time!

4) AREA Benefit and 5th Anniversary – Thursday December 4th (Chicago)

AREA Chicago is having their annual “Wants and Needs” auction and party on December 4th at 8pm at Roots and Culture gallery . Its the 5th anniversary of AREA so come celebrate. See http://www.areachicago.org/ for more details or contact info@areachicago.org

If you are in Chicago and would like to make a yard sign as part of my electoral-season art project Visions for Chicago check out http://visionsforchicago.wordpress.com/ and get in touch.

And as usual if you wanna know more current updates check my blog/personal site at https://miscprojects.com/ and if you wanna organize an event with me soon do so in the spring or summer because after that I will be staying pretty local for a few years as I pursue some further education…

Happy fall!

in cahoots,


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