AREA (2005-2010)

AREA Chicago (2005-2010)

AREA Chicago was a publication about Art/Research/Education/Activism in Chicago that I founded and edited from 2005-2010 (the publication lasted until 2015 under new leadership). For a summary of my time at AREA see these articles from the Chicago Reader, Timeout Chicago, these interviews from the Transductores: Art and Spatial Politics catalog and The Morning News, plus essays I wrote for the book In The Middle of a Whirlwind book and website, for the Art21 blog, and for a spanish journal called Pedagogic Notebook. I also consistently gave lectures about AREA and here are a few that were videotaped in Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Granada.

For further information on AREA’s work visit or download a pdf of Issue #7 here.

In addition to editing and general organizational management, I focused my energy on organizing the Notes for a People’s Atlas art project and the Infrastructure Lecture Series for AREA Chicago in various locations (2005-2010). The series included presentations on various conceptions of grassroots infrastructures by curator Nato Thompson (November 2005 at Mess Hall); artist and food activist Claire Pentecost (May 2006 at ACME Arts); cybernetics researcher and open-source activist Xabier Barandiaran (June 2006 at Polvo Gallery);  anti-poverty activist and community land trust organizer James Tracy (October 2006 at In These Times); a discussion about the theory of Participatory Economics with Michael Albert (November 2007 at the Hull House Museum); and a Welcome to Chicago Event for the Alternative Press Centre (October 2008). AREA was included in two major traveling exhibitions, Experimental Geography and Transductores (who have compiled some Spanish language research on AREA here and in the documentation below).


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