Recent Short Writing

1) For the Guggenheim on the theme Come Together” from April 7–11 in 5 parts.

2) For the Jane Addams Hull House Museum’s upcoming exhibit “Unfinished Business: The Right To Play”  in which they ask in 3 sentences: “What is freedom? When have you felt the most free?”

“Even though it can feel great to be alone, I feel most free when I am in the company of people I trust entirely. That is because freedom is a social practice, constituted by our power relationship with others. I feel lucky to have had glimpses of this, though our social relations are so deformed by competition, professional hustling, distraction, shame and coercion that it happens too rarely.” – Daniel Tucker, 4-5-14

3) For the JOURNAL OF (DIS)SATISFACTIONS published in conjunction with an exhibition at Galerie Ferdinanda Baumana in Prague

“I do what I do because it is what I know, and what allows me to access what I do not know. Oftentimes this happens with others, and that fulfills my desire to be in company, and at times to push on how we relate to one another to be more sincere, offering glimpses of social relations beyond their current deformed state. Finally, I think that images and art experiences are one small portion of the process of transforming culture, which has the capacity to transform politics and therefor society. There are significant impediments to this, but I do not know what else to do.” – Daniel Tucker, Chicago, 3/20/14

4) For the Open Engagement blog: “Why are people so afraid of evaluation?” on 3-2-14

5) For the Block Museum’s “What is Revolutionary Art Now?” blog  in conjunction with their exhibition The Left Front:

“An art that is mindful of the particularities of location and historical experience while also committed to the generalized conditions shared by all. It would weave images of familiar and pragmatic concerns with the surreal, impossible and wild images of a social life we have not yet known. Through these intermingling methods (processes and images), a revolutionary art can reveal where we are and have been, while treading and experimenting with where we might go. Representation, redistribution, and imagination must walk together hand­in­hand to create revolutionary art of the future.” – Daniel Tucker, 10-15-13

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