Moving Units

finalogoThis summer I’ll be organizing Moving Units, an event series at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, in conjunction with Food, Shelter, and Clothing – an exhibition curated by Aldy Milliken.

Moving Units is a public program series about food and economy.  Through five thematic “Units” this series draws on some of the subjects that are rarely talked together about but effect how people get food and make a living from Kentucky and Illinois to France and China. This project was developed as a part of the Futurefarmers “Grain Pit” installation at KMAC and Republic Bank in downtown Louisville.

Moving Units features participation from The Berry Center,   Ryan Griffis and Sarah RossJudith LitLouisville Time BankCynthia MainRepublic Bank, Luigi Russi, Nancy Schoenhoff, Sean Starowitz, Slow Money KY, and more. *Logo design by Amy Franceschini, Futurefarmers.

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