Summer Update

Hi friends!

I hope things are good on your end!

This summer is kicking off and I wanted to share a few links. 

You may have read earlier updates about my film Future Perfect: Time Capsules in Reagan Country and recently I was interviewed by one of my favorite historians Rick Perlstein about the project for the Baffler magazine. Check it out here.

As you know I direct a graduate program at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. Last year I started a new project at Moore with Paul Farber and the Mural Arts Program called In/Out which is a multi-day symposium of site visits and focused conversations. This year the theme is Ethics, Attention and Intention and we are proud to have received funding from Hemera, Knight and Ford foundations you can reseve your spot and learn more about the July 22-24 event here: + Plus if you’re in Philadelphia this week you can check out a talk I am giving at New Boone gallery called “PAY ATTENTION AND LISTEN” about the premise and backstory behind the symposium. Details here.

And finally, a bit of an update to recent news is that my essay “Artists Imagining The City: Activist art about housing­ issues in Chicago at the start of the twenty­-first century” from a recent issue of Art & The Public Sphere is now available to you here! The text covers a wide range of art projects that I encountered during my 14 years in Chicago that deal with housing issues.

That is it for me. You?

In tandem,


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