Winter Update

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Hello friends,

I hope things for the year are wrapping up ok on your end. It is a strange time. I’m comforted to be in community with you and take in pieces of what you do, think about and how you you live. Thanks for that.

I wanted to pass along a note with some updates, but first a shout-out to the organizations that I support with monthly donations – if you are looking for places to support I can’t say enough good things about these locally-embedded projects spread from coast to coast and down south and to the third coast: Interference Archive (Brooklyn, NY), Shaping San Francisco (SF, CA), the Highlander Center (New Market, TN) and Prison+Neighborhood Arts Project (Chicago).

As far as updates on my end, there have been some recent screenings of Future Perfect: Time Capsules in Reagan Country which following the election feels like it needs some reexamination. Otherwise I’ve been mainly focusing my fall on planning for some future projects and writing for some forthcoming catalogs on the work of Faith Wilding, Nicole Garneau and Muntadas. “Muntadas: Activating Artifacts” will be presented at de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam, the Center for Art/Design/Visual Culture (CADVC) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and touring elsewhere starting in early 2017. The catalog will also feature essays by Olivia Munoz Rojas, Muntadas, and curator Niels Van Tomme.

We had a fantastic series of events at Moore including one panel focused on public sculpture with Garth Evans, Julia Klein and Jacque Liu and another one focused on cultural equity and community engagement in Philadelphia area art museums with Maori Holmes, Damon Reaves, Kelli Morgan and Blake Bradford. We’re gearing up for our spring deadline and have recently been able to expand our fellowships to up to half of the tuition cost so I hope that you can pass it along to an aspiring artist or arts administrator who wants to study with us in Social & Studio Practices. Next year we will be starting on a conventional academic schedule and leaving behind the summer intensive model, so it will be a great chance for whoever comes to plug into all the amazing stuff going on in Philly even more deeply. Even if you’re not into grad school, save the date for our 3rd annual In/Out summer symposium co-organized with Mural Arts Philadelphia.

After releasing the catalog for “Organize Your Own: The Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements” this fall with Sobersove Books, this coming year I am working with Emma Saperstein to tour the exhibition to a number of venues throughout the country. More updates on that soon and get in touch if you’d like to host it (

And finally, on March 30th, 2017 “How Food Moves: Edible Logistics”, another exhibit that I curated, will be opening at Rowan University Art Gallery. It is a continuation of a project from 2015 at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. I’m really excited about it. Details here

Hoping you have great holidays and that when you get a chance you’ll send an update or tell me how you are feeling.

In tandem,


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