Writing: Essays and Reviews



  • Interview with Faith Wilding for catalog/book by Intellect Publishers (Forthcoming)
  • Essay for I Hotel Contact Points book edited by Jerome Reyes and Tammy Ko Robinson (Forthcoming)
  • “Be The Touch You Want To Feel: Prefiguring intimacy in a time of deformed social relations” for UPRISING catalog on the work of Nicole Garneau (Forthcoming)


“Communiversity” essay for book on the work of Muntadas edited by Niels Van Tomme (forthcoming)


  • Organize Your Own catalog essay (Sobersove Press) (Download PDF)
  • “Artists imagining the city: Activist art about housing issues in Chicago at the start of the twenty-first century” for Art and the Public Sphere journal [London, UK]. (Download PDF).


  • “The Art of the Possible: Realistic Pragmatism and Social Service Image Myths – On and around the work of Kenneth Balfelt in Copenhagen” Catalog essays for Art as Social Practice – a critical investigation of works by Kenneth A. Balfelt edited by Matthias Borello (Revolver Publishing, Berlin) (Download PDF)
  • “Introspective Retrospective” reflection on Faith Wilding’s first retrospective for MooreWomenArtists.org



  • “Pedway as Breakroom as Time Machine” catalog introduction to The Pedway of Today  by Hui-min Tsen for Green Lantern Press [Chicago, IL] (Download PDF)


  • Blurry Vision for Austerity Livin blogpost for Imagining America [Online]
  • Myth of Protest for Newcity [Chicago]
  • Mayday 2012 for Uninomadi Global Mayday issue [Online/Italy]
  • Homocore interview from Never The Same published in Landline #3 [Chicago, IL]
  • Compilation of Never The Same interviews published in AREA Chicago #12 [Chicago, IL]
  • Revised/Shortened version of “Inhabiting and Learning Together: Tracing the first 5 years of AREA Chicago” for AREA #12 [Chicago, IL]
  • Two dialogues on the intertwined themes of “place” and “community” with Dan S. Wang for Midwest Radical Culture Corridor book Deep Routes: The Midwest In All Directions
  • “Young White and Angry” published in Landline #2 [Chicago, IL]
  • Dialogue with Gina Badger for Promiscuous Infrastructures: Experiments in Art + Information + Activism published by Artivistic [Montreal, Canada]







  • “Trashing the Neoliberal City: Autonomous Culural Practices in Chicago from 2000-2005”, introductory essay to a a booklet and catalogue published by Learning Book [Copenhagen, Denmark]


  • Polvo Magazine (special Public Art issue) “Public Art in the Daley Village”
  • Ausgang.com “Spies like us” + “10 books on cities and public space”
  • Journal of North East Issues (Hamburg, Germany)”Group Process Survey”


  • Clamor Magazine “Platform Projects”


Art Books:

  • Living as Form: Socially Engaged Art from 1991–2011 Edited by Nato Thompson (MIT Press/Creative Time Books, 2012) (Originally Published in Afterimage Vol. 40 No.1) and republished here.
  • Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures 1960s to Now By Dara Greenwald and Josh MacPhee in association with Exit Art (AK Press, 2010) for Afterimage Vol.38 #5
  • An Atlas of Radical Cartography edited by Lize Mogel & Alexis Bhagat (Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press, 2007) for Proximity Magazine issue #1.
  • Three Books In One: Realizing The Impossible: Art Against Authority edited by Josh MacPhee and Erik Reuland (AK Press 2007); Who Cares (Creative Time Books 2006)and Group Work: A book of information and dialogs about creativity and collaboration in groups by Temporary Services (Printed Matter, Inc. 2007) for BootPrint #2 and Lumpen Magazine.
  • Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy By Stephen Duncombe (New Press,  2006) for Lumpen Magazine with Todd Tucker.

Creative Non Fiction Books:

  • Slouching Towards Bethlehem: Essays by Joan Didion (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1968) on personal blog.
  • Strange Fruit: The Biography of a Song by David Margolick (Harper Perennial -January 23, 2001) on personal blog.

Political Geography Books:

  • The Big Sort by Bill Bishop (Houghton Mifflin, 2008) for The Next American City Magazine print edition, Fall 2008 – Issue #20
  • Green Gone Wrong: How Our Economy Is Undermining the Environmental Revolution by Heather Rogers (Scribner – April 20, 2010) for Farmtogethernow.org
  • Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town by Nick Redding (Bloomsbury USA – June 9, 2009) for Farmtogethernow.org
  • In and Out of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives By Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin, and Greg Albo (PM Press/Spectre – May, 2010) for Working In These Times blog.
  • Belltown Paradise/Making Their Own Plans – A double book edited by In the Field (Brett Bloom and Ava Bromberg) (WhiteWalls, 2004) for Clamor Magazine.

Books on the legacy of the 1960s:

  • Revolution as an Eternal Dream: the Exemplary Failure of the Madame Binh Graphics Collective by Mary Patten, with a preface by Lucy Lippard and an afterword by Gregory Sholette (Half Letter Press, 2011) for Afterimage Vol. 39 No. 5
  • Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times by James Tracy and Amy Sonnie (Melville House, 2011) written for Landline #2 (print only) and republished here.
  • Waiting ‘Til the Midnight Hour: A Narrative History of Black Power in America by Peniel E. Joseph (Henry Holt and Co.; 2006) for personal blog.

Science Fiction Books:

  • Fire On The Mountain by Terry Bisson (PM Press, 2009) for personal blog.

Event and Exhibition Reviews:

  • Pierre Bennu’s Red Bone Guerilla’s for Black Star Film Fest. 2015.
  • Michael Rakowitz’s The Breakup at Rhona Hoffman Gallery in H-Art International. 2014
  • John Sparagana’s Crowds & Powder at Corbett vs Dempsey gallery for Art Agenda. 2014
  • Way of the Shovel exhibition at MCA Chicago for Mousse Magazine. 2013
  • Two reflections on the 2013 Creative Time Summit for H-Art and Newcity. 2013
  • Reflections on Documenta13 exhibition participants hailing from Chicago for Bad At Sports blog. 2013
  • Best of Chicago Art in 2012 – A top 10 for Newcity Chicago. 2012
  • Summer Harvest: Three visiting artist projects about food, community and economy descend on Chicagoland on new work by Natasha Wheat, Sarah Kavage, and You Are Here for H-Art Magazine. 2010
  • Detroit City of Hope: US Social Forum Reportback for AREA Chicago’s blog Notes From the Forum.  2010
  • Bucharest Biennale 4 – Handlung: On Producing Possibilities for H-Art Magazine. 2010
  • Bucharest Biennale 4 – Handlung: On Producing Possibilities for Art Agenda. 2010
  • Creative Time Summit: Revolutions In Public Practice for H-Art Magazine. 2009
  • Tamms Year Ten report from press conference for personal blog. 2008
  • Heartland exhibition at the Smart Museum of Art for H-Art Magazine. 2009
  • Three exhibits in one: John T. McCutcheon, Anne E. Moore, and Printers Ball for Chicago Journal. 2009
  • Cy Twombly and the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute for Chicago Journal. 2009
  • Four exhibits in one: “The Edge of Intent” at Columbia College’s Museum of Contemporary Photography; “The (Un)Real City” at Kasia Kay; Joel Ross at Monique Meloche Gallery; and “Visible City” at Finestra Art Space for Chicago Journal. 2009
  • Officially Unofficial: Inspired Art for Obama at Department of Cultural Affairs for Chicago Journal. 2009
  • Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe at the Museum of Contemporary Art for Chicago Journal. 2009
  • Beyond the Backyard at the Museum of Contemporary Photography for Chicago Journal. 2008

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